Carolina Seniors Golf Association Bylaws


     The name of the organization shall be: CAROLINA SENIORS GOLF ASSOCIATION


     The purpose of the organization shall be: To promote good fellowship and broaden acquaintance and friendship through an organized program of golf tournaments for Seniors.


     Section 1. ELIGIBILITY.  Any person (male or female) who is 50 years of age, or older, is eligible for membership subject to the approval of the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors.

     Section 2. NUMBER OF MEMBERS.  The number of regular members shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

     Section 3.  APPLICATION.  All persons desiring membership in the Association shall submit an application to the address indicated, or as directed.

     Section 4.  CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP.  The only class of membership shall be Active Member.  Members are encouraged to propose new members into this Association. Requests for membership to the Association received through website inquiries will be handled/approved on an individual basis.

     Section 5.  LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP.  The Board of Directors shall have full power to suspend members from the privileges of this Association or to expel them when, any member whose conduct shall be pronounced by a two-thirds vote of the Board to have endangered the welfare, interest or character of the Association.



     Section 1.  INITIATION FEE.  An initiation fee shall be such a sum as determined by the Board of Directors, payable by the applicant prior to admission to membership.  Each member family will pay only one initiation fee per lifetime.

     Section 2.  MEMBERSHIP DUES.  The annual membership dues shall be such a sum as determined by the Board of Directors, and payable on or before the end of February each year.

     Section 3.  TOURNAMENT PARTICIPATION.  No member may participate in a tournament unless the full amount of the annual dues has been paid.

     Section 4.  FORFEITURE.  The failure of a member to pay annual dues for the current year by the end of February shall be cause for suspension of membership and participation in planned events will be prohibited until membership dues are paid.



     Each active member shall be entitled to one vote in person or by written proxy on each matter presented for decision at a meeting of the membership.



     Section 1.  ANNUAL MEETING.  The annual meeting of the Association shall be held at the last tournament in the Fall of each year, provided however, that in the cause of an emergency or other good cause, the Executive Committee shall have the right to fix another date.  Emailed notice shall be sent at least 10 days in advance.

     Section 2.  ORDER OF BUSINESS.  The order of business shall include the election of members of the Board of Directors and other transactions of business of the Association.

     Section 3.  SPECIAL MEETINGS.  A special meeting of the membership may be called at any time by any two officers provided for in Article VII, or by a two-third vote of the Board of Directors.  Emailed notice of the special meeting shall be emailed to the members at least 10 days prior to the date of the meeting.

     Section 4.  QUORUM.  A quorum shall be 10% of the total membership in person or by proxy.



     Section 1. GOVERNANCE.  The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of not more than six members of the Association who must be in good standing at the time of their selection and remain throughout their term of office.  

     Section 2.  ELECTION.  Members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by a majority vote at the annual meeting each year to serve a term of three years.  The members elected will succeed those whose term is expiring.  No Director shall be eligible for re-election or appointment to the Board for a period of one (1) year after the expiration of their previous three (3) year term unless waived by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

     Section 3.  QUORUM.  A quorum of the Board of Directors shall be “two-thirds” of the Board’s membership in person or by proxy.



     Section 1. ELECTION.  The Board of Directors shall meet as soon as possible after the annual meeting for the purpose of electing the Association’s Officers for the ensuing year, and conducting such other business as may come before the Board.

     Section 2.  POSITIONS.  The Officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice President, and   Treasurer.  The President shall seek a volunteer from the membership to take the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings.  Final approved minutes will be maintained by the Treasurer.

     Section 3.  ELIGIBILITY.  The President, Vice President and Treasurer must be members of the Board of Directors.

     Section 4.  CHAIRPERSON.  The immediate Past President will serve as the Chairperson of the Executive Committee and remain on the Board while in this position.

     Section 5.  TERMS.  Officers of the Association will normally serve one year in position but may be elected to a second year in position by majority vote of the Board of Directors.



     Section 1.  PRESIDENT.  The President shall have general management of the current affairs of the Association and shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors.  He/She may appoint from the Board  of Directors members for a Membership, Tournament, Nominating and Finance Committees.  The President may appoint such other Committees as may be deemed necessary.  He/She shall perform such other duties as are incident to his/her office.

     Section 2.  VICE PRESIDENT.  The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in his/her absence.  The Vice President shall perform such duties as are incident to the office or as assigned by the President of the Association.

     Section 3.  TREASURER.  The Treasurer shall maintain full and accurate records of the financial affairs of the Association.  He/She shall review all bank related statements and monthly financial statements and perform such other duties as are incidental to the office or as directed by the President of the Association. The Treasurer will make an audit of the books and finances of the Association and report same to the Board of Directors at its organizational meeting following the Annual Meeting in the Fall.

     Section 4.  DUAL POSITIONS.  An officer may hold more than one position within the Association as approved by the Board of Directors.

     Section 5.  BOARD MEETING.  In the event both the President and the Vice President are absent from a Board of Directors meeting, and a quorum of Board Members are present, the assembled members may designate a member to preside at the meeting.



     Section 1.  SCOPE OF AGREEMENT.  The Board of Directors may consider, evaluate, propose and vote to approve the outsourcing/contracting of functions/duties to a State Licensed/insured vendor to support the business of the Association.

Examples of duties/services that may be outsourced may include, but are not limited to:

a. CSGA website management
b. Compilation of, and maintenance of, CSGA membership list to include email and mailing addresses, contact telephone numbers, etc.
c. Acceptance ;of Applications for Membership, and deposit of Membership Fees to join CSGA
d. Acceptance of, and deposit of, Membership Renewal Fees
e. Submission of venue sites for Board review/selection/approval for CSGA yearly event calendar
f. Conduct contract negotiations and enter into contract for selected/approved venue locations.
g. On site venue support for contracted events
h. Other duties/functions proposed as deemed necessary and agreed to

a. The CSGA Treasurer will review/approve any expenses submitted for payment for services rendered by “the Vendor” that are directly related to CSGA business.
b. The Treasurer/Board may authorize/approve the establishment of a CSGA bank account for the purpose of “local deposit” of monies received/payable to CSGA.
c. The CSGA Treasurer/Board may authorize/approve deduction for local bank funds for billed amounts related to contracted services provided by “the Vendor”.
d. CSGA Treasurer will have access to any established local bank account set up in conjunction with “the Vendor”, for the purpose of account balance review, and/or transfer of funds to the primary bank account(s) maintained by CSGA.
e. The CSGA Board will review/approve any requested increase in fees for services provided by “the Vendor”.

       Section 3.  CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT.  The CSGA Board will review/approve any contract it enters into for outsourced services.  The CSGA Board, as well as the Vendor, will maintain the right to cancel any agreement by written notification, sent/received by CERTIFIED MAIL, at least six (6) months prior to contract expiration.


     Section 1.  OFFICER.  A Vacancy in any officer position my be filled for the unexpired term by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

     Section 2.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  In the event a vacancy occurs in the Board of Directors, may be filled for the unexpired term by the Board of Directors from names recommended by the Nominating Committee.

     Section 3.  COMMITTEES.  A vacancy in any committee appointed by the President may be filled by appointment by the president for the unexpired term.



     Proper and complete records shall be maintained as shown below and made available to the Board and Committees when requested:

a. Bank related account statements – example: checking, savings, cd investments, credit cards, etc. – Treasurer
b. Membership roster – Membership Committee
c. Tournament records – Tournament Committee
d. Financial statements including P&L and Balance Sheets – Treasurer
e. Minutes of meetings – Treasurer



     Section 1. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President who shall be Chairman, the President, the Vice President, and the Treasurer.  The Executive Committee shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors or as specified in these bylaws.

     Section 2.  QUORUM.  Fifty percent (50%) of the membership of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  The Committee shall meet at the call of the Chairman or upon request of the President.

a. Membership – The Membership Chairperson is responsible for maintaining a current membership roster.  He/She will work with our current vendor contracted for outsourced services to insure new member applications have been received and reviewed.   The Chairperson will check event rosters to insure all members attending are in good standing with CSGA.  The Membership Chairperson is responsible for ordering CSGA name and bag tags for all new members.
b. Tournament – The Tournament Committee shall provide ”the Vendor” with tournament formats and rules of play for each tournament.,  The Committee shall have full charge and care of all handicap records of the Association and may be responsible for verifying handicaps of members playing in the Association tournaments.  Issues involving handicaps will be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors for resolution.
c. Realignment of Duties – The Board of Directors may realign or assign duties to committees as deemed appropriate and necessary for the efficient operations of the Association.

     Section 4.  SPECIAL COMMITTEES.  Special Committees may be appointed by the President from time to time to carry out any special assignment or project.

     Section 5.  TRAVEL EXPENSES.  All travel and other proper expenses, incurred by any Board member in arranging tournaments of the Association and other proper business affairs of said Association, shall be paid from the funds of the Association as soon as possible upon presentation of receipts, slips and vouchers.


     These bylaws may be amended or supplemented at any Annual Meeting of the Members of the Association by a majority vote of the Members present and those voting by written proxy.  Notice of the Annual Meeting shall be given to the membership at least ten days prior to the date of the meeting.


     The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final and conclusive with respect to all questions concerning construction of the bylaws.


     The fiscal year of this Association shall be the calendar year beginning January 1 and ending December 31st of the same year.



     The Association shall continue until the event of dissolution by its members, at which time the entire assets of the Association, together with any and all accumulations thereto, shall be distributed to such charitable organizations as are described in Section 501 (c ) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.