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The Carolina Seniors Golf Association (CSGA) was established in December 2005 with the merger of the Tarheel State Seniors Golf Association (Est. 1970) and the North Carolina Seniors Golf Association (Est. 1961) to provide opportunities for its members to make new friends and play excellent golf courses at reduced prices. The association is governed by a Board of Directors.


To be a member of the CSGA, a golfer must be:

  • A lady or gentleman who likes to play golf
  • A lady or gentleman who has respect for the game
  • A lady or gentleman who enjoys fun and fellowship
  • Fifty years or older

Dues & Fees

There are normally two fees associated with membership

Initiation Fees:  An initiation fee of $100 per household is payable upon submission of a new membership application. 

Membership Dues:  Renewal fee is $50 per household. 

CSGA Events:  Golf & Adventure Travel Expeditions Inc. has been retained by the CSGA to develop, organize and run CSGA Events.

CSGA Event Packages: CSGA Event packages normally include accommodations, breakfast, dinners, cocktail receptions, prizes, gratuities, golf and golf carts where applicable, etc.  Participants learn about and register for these events on our CSGA website. CSGA Events are held at popular Resorts & Golf Courses and typically offering 3 annual venues in or near the Carolinas and then 3 more annual trips that are generally longer and outside of the Carolinas region, these can even be International Trips.

Click on Membership Application to access application form.

*Please submit an application for membership. You do not need to be a member of North or South Carolina to become a member.*

Membership Application

A membership application will require the following information:

  • Name (and Nickname)Spouse‚Äôs Name (and Nickname)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Dates of Birth
  • Home Club (Name and City)
  • Email Addresses
  • Man's USGA Index
  • Woman's USGA Index
  • Signature(s)
  • Membership Renewal $50 Per Household
  • Initiation fee for New Members-$100

Membership Information: