CSGA Tournament Guidelines

The Tournament Committee has established minimum guidelines to enhance members’ enjoyment of the courses played and encourage good golf, fun, and friendship.

 The guidelines include the following:

            -  Men’s and Women’s Tees. Based on their normal playing distances men may elect to play from the Regular Men’s tees or the Forward Men’s tees. The Tournament Committee will coordinate with host club personnel to achieve course lengths of approximately 6000-6100 yards from the Regular Men's tees and approximately 5600-5700 yards for the Forward Men's tees.  At any event a member must play each day’s tournament from the same tees. The target for course length from the Women’s tees will be approximately 4600-4700 yards. When a tournament is conducted with players playing from different tee lengths handicaps will be adjusted to equalize the course rating in accordance with the USGA prescribed procedure.

             -  Tournament Formats.  Normally, separate tournaments are played each day of an event but on occasion, a two day tournament may be held.  A couples’ tournament will normally be played at each event.  When a couples’ tournament is being played, those not playing in the couples’ tournament will have the option of participating in a stroke play event.  The other day(s) will normally be separate men’s and women’s tournament events.  The Tournament Committee will determine pairings and the formats to be played at each event.

             -  Handicaps.  All players must submit their most current USGA home club handicap index at the time of registration for an event and their Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) identification number. If a player uses a handicap system other than GHIN, they must identify the system used in their registration. The Tournament Committee will verify players' indexes prior to establishing tournament pairings.  Course handicaps for each event will be established by the servicing pro shop based on the tees being played, and course slope/rating from those tees.  The maximum men’s handicap will not exceed 36 regardless of USGA index.  The maximum women’s handicap will not exceed 40 regardless of USGA index.  An index that produces a handicap above the maximum does not preclude a person from playing but the person’s handicap will be limited to the maximum.  The Tournament Committee has the option of capping the women’s handicap at 36 for appropriate tournament formats.         


  1. Proper pace of play must be maintained for the enjoyment of all in a tournament and it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the pace of play. A foursome should always be one shot behind the foursome in front of them and there should never, except under unusual circumstances, be an entire hole open in front of a foursome.  Each member of the foursome should be ready to play when it is their turn and ready golf is encouraged. The goal is to finish the round in less than four hours and fifteen minutes, or the course Pace of Play guideline, where applicable.   
  1. Players may move their ball one club length in their own fairway.
  2. Lost Ball – No more than a five minute search.  If ball is not found, follow applicable rule(s).    
  3. Provisional Ball—To maintain proper pace of play, if a player is unsure whether their ball is out of bounds or lost in bounds, a provisional ball should be declared and hit.  If the provisional ball is ultimately used the appropriate penalty stroke(s) will be applied.
  4. Putts for official score(s), in fairness, must be holed out.
  5. If a player is “out of the hole” (ball not being used for team score) the maximum score an individual should take is four strokes over par.  For instance, on a par 3 hole, after hitting the ball 6 times, pick up and record a 7 on your scorecard.  For clarity, this score should have an "x" after it.  In this circumstance, your ball cannot be used for the team’s score.
  6. A score card is to be maintained in both carts.  One cart will keep the official score card of the foursome and one will keep a back up score card for the foursome.  (The backup card should be kept by a member of the foursome in case there is a question with the official score card.)
  7. The official score card must be signed, and attested as correct, by all members of the foursome and turned into the Pro Shop as soon as the round is finished.